Job Opportunity: Community Health/Garden Organizer

Job Title: Community Health/Garden Organizer
Organization: Thundermist Health Center
Location: 186 Providence Street, West Warwick, RI
Salary: undisclosed
Start Date: As soon as possible, Summer, Permanent

Job Description:
Thundermist Health Center is looking for a 20-30/hr per week seasonal employee to work from now through about October. This position requires skills in maintaining a community garden, participation in community wellness and a community farmers market.

Spotlight: Braising Greens

Braising greens are thick, dark, leafy greens, typically grown in winter. While they can be eaten raw, most braising greens are best enjoyed cooked (as the name suggests, read: sauté them), as cooking softens the flavor and texture. This class of greens includes collard greens, kale, Swiss chard, mustard greens, Asian greens (bok choy, yukina savoy, tsoi-sim, etc.) and any other edible veggie tops (e.g. beet greens, sweet potato greens, turnip greens, kohlrabi greens, etc.).
"Mom always told you to eat your greens." [source]

Week 7: Recipes

Roasted Root & Ricotta Pizza
Uses: rutabaga, carrots, onions, potatoes (or sweet potatoes, if you still have them)
You will also need: garlic, olive oil, honey, spices, pizza dough (store bought or recipe included), mozzarella, ricotta, corn meal
Preview: It’s really really really good. Not a “minimalist” pizza by any means, this crispy crust gets loaded with aromatic and smoky roasted potatoes, rutabaga, onion, garlic, and even carrots, not to mention creamy ricotta and melty mozzarella. Don't be fooled by the relative length of this recipe- it's actually quite easy.

Spotlight: Rutabaga

The rutabaga, also known as a swede, is a root vegetable resulting from a cross between the turnip and the cabbage. It's purple and white exterior is often confused with the turnip, but its flesh has a milder taste, and a delicate sweetness.

Storing your share for spring break

With spring break around the corner, we wanted to provide you with a share that will last through the break since many of you will be away.

Farm profile: Wishing Stone Farm

Check out this profile of Wishing Stone Farm. It was created last summer by Erin Kelley & Taylor Lanzet, two of our Market Shares team members and former purchasing and communications coordinators, respectively.

Leaders of the organic movement when it first began, Liz Peckman and Skip Paul started Wishing Stone Farm in 1981. Thirty years later, they now manage over 40 acres of land and utilize some of the most innovate greenhouse techniques. Their home farm is the hub of seven total farms – everything passes through here before going out.

More things you will find in this profile:
How does the RI landscape affect the farm?
What does "sustainable" mean to Skip & Liz? What makes their farm sustainable?
What does it mean to be organic vs. “bio-rational organic?”

VIDEO: Wishing Stone Farm

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to work with Skip, Liz, and Silas of Wishing Stone Farm. Check out this fantastic video, made by Walker Morgan, to see why we love them so much.

Week 6: Tomatoes in March!

Sun dried tomatoes?? Steve, of NorthStar Farm, continues to delight us with his offerings. 

Dried tomatoes retain their nutritional value and are a great way to add a punch of tomato flavor out of season. They're most commonly seen in pasta dishes or atop pizzas, but don't stop there. 

Spotlights: Pea Greens & Portobellos

We are pretty excited to get pea greens from Allen Farms this week, as well as beautiful portobello mushrooms from NorthStar Farm.

You don't want to let these beauties go to waste in your fridge, so here is what you need to know:

Week 5: Vegetable combinations

Sweet potatoes and cilantro seem to be calling to each other this week. It's always fun, once we determine what is going to be in a week's share, to think of ways to combine the vegetables together to make a meal.

New Partnership: Allen Farms

We are ecstatic to be working with Allen Farms, and what a better way to begin a partnership but with something as delicious as pea greens?

Photo by David Dadekian, of GoLocalProv Food
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