Spotlight: Rutabaga

The rutabaga, also known as a swede, is a root vegetable resulting from a cross between the turnip and the cabbage. It's purple and white exterior is often confused with the turnip, but its flesh has a milder taste, and a delicate sweetness.

The rutabaga can be peeled and used raw in salads and slaws. Like other root vegetables though, cooking brings out its best flavor. Try boiling, mashing, or roasting- just as you would a potato. The result is rich and smooth without being overly starchy, and has an unexpected sweetness. The beta-carotene in rutabaga even gives the mash a warm subtle glow.

While this bulbous knob of root doesn't exactly scream comfort food, this recipe for Creamy, Smoky, Whipped Rutabaga has me convinced.

And if you prefer a wedge to a mash, this recipe for Herb Roasted Rutabaga looks equally delicious. The author referred to them as "waxy spheroids of indeterminate vegetative matter" so I'm thinking his is an opinion we can trust.

For more rutabaga resources, check out this blog post titled, "The Ravishing Rutabaga - Or - It's Not A Turnip, People"


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