Spotlight: Celeriac

"Greet celeriac, the unsung frog prince of winter vegetables. Pare off its warty exterior and you'll uncover the royal vegetable within: a perfect, ivory-fleshed, winter alternative to potatoes and other starches. It is surprising that a vegetable that is so delicious, wonderfully hearty and eminently storable — and makes such a boldly verdant show in the garden — is practically unrecognized in the try-anything United States." - Jack Staub, NPR

Spotlight: Summer Squash

We are excited to kick off the fall season with Rhode Island's best summer squash, with its tender skin and a creamy texture. Aside from the time of year it is grown, a summer squash is unique from a winter squash because of its soft rind and seeds, making the entire vegetable edible. This is because summer squash is harvested young before the rind becomes tough, and, contrary to popular belief, the smaller ones can be the tastiest. The summer squash family includes zucchini (courgette), yellow squash (crookneck and straightneck), scallopini squash, pattypan squash, and globe squash. Despite the stark differences in size and shape, most summer squash varieties can be used inter-changeably in recipes.

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