Summer Week 10: Recipes

Zucchini & Corn Ravioli

Ingredients from your share: zucchini, corn, garlic
You will also need: pasta dough (flour, salt, water, eggs), olive oil, lemon zest
Note: You might be surprised by how easy it is to make ravioli without a pasta machine or ravioli maker. Use this guide to prepare the ravioli without special equipment (you can use a kitchen knife in place of the ravioli cutter). While the ravioli may not be uniform in size, it will taste delicious and impress your family and friends!
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Spotlight: Leeks

Leeks are members of the onion family, also related to garlic, shallots and scallions. Rather than being shaped in a bulb form like an onion, however, leeks grow in long cylinders that look like stems- these are in fact the edible parts of leaks. Although it can be used like an onion to flavor dishes, leeks can stand on their own as well, and be the main ingredients in recipes.

Summer Week 9: Recipes

Eggplant Cheese Casserole

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Uses: eggplant, green pepper, tomatoes, basil, onion
You will also need: olive oil, mozzarella or parmesan (or other cheese of choice)
Time: 1 hour (approximate)
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