Spotlight: Celeriac

"Greet celeriac, the unsung frog prince of winter vegetables. Pare off its warty exterior and you'll uncover the royal vegetable within: a perfect, ivory-fleshed, winter alternative to potatoes and other starches. It is surprising that a vegetable that is so delicious, wonderfully hearty and eminently storable — and makes such a boldly verdant show in the garden — is practically unrecognized in the try-anything United States." - Jack Staub, NPR
Celeriac is one of the most satisfyingly delicious foods you will ever taste- especially when you remember how intimidating it first appeared. Celeriac is not the most aesthetically pleasing vegetable when it first comes out of the ground. It looks like a large, oddly shaped turnip wrapped in tangled, squished roots and a thick skin. But do not be deterred by its appearance- removing the skin takes no longer than a minute, and once the skin has been removed, you can use it similarly to how you would use a potato. Better yet, it tastes like a warming, subtle blend of celery and parsley, with the creamy texture of a potato. By the end of the week, you will also be wondering how this divine vegetable has ever been under looked.

Health Benefits
Celeriac contains incredibly high levels of vitamin K, as well as poly-acetylene antioxidants, which have been shown to lower risks of cancer. Celeriac is also rich in phosphorus, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, and numerous other vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it is said to have therapeutic effects that decrease stress and support a healthy digestive system.

As a root vegetable, celeriac lasts weeks to months when stored in a cool environment with low humidity. If the stalks are still attached, cut them off and store them separately in the fridge. Some sources recommend storing celeriac in a loose plastic bag, but it will also last well without a bag.

Carefully slice off the skin with a sharp knife (do not use a peeler, as the skin is too rough). Read more about this step with pictures HEREHow to peel it!

Serving Tips & Recipes
  • Celeriac is a root vegetable that can be used similarly to a potato.
  • Au Gratin in this recipe which we promise will have you craving celeriac for months. If you are looking for something more decadent, try this recipe for Apple Celery Root Gratin with bacon.
  • In a soup: Celeriac & Roasted Garlic Soup With Parsley Oil. For a dairy-free coup, try this recipe and omit the butter or replace it with a dairy-free margarine like Earth Balance.
  • In a salad with apples and a mustard vinaigrette in this recipe.
  • For brunch in this recipe for celeriac potato cakes with garlic spinach and an over-easy egg.
  • In a gluten-free vol-au-vent (a light puff pastry shell filled with savory ingredients) with celeriac, sun-dried tomatoes, and cauliflower.
Or, if you are feeling especially adventurous, try Celeriac-Currant Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting. (If anyone tries this, please let us know!!)
What did you make with your celeriac this week? Let us know by sending as an email (photos welcome!) at


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