Humans of Market Shares, July 24th

What is your favorite thing you have done with your share?
"We made really amazing beet pancakes one time. They were gluten free and bright beet red!"

How many seasons have you been doing Market Shares?
"Four, maybe five seasons."

Which item are you most excited about in this week’s share?
"I am most excited about tomatoes, because we are growing tomatoes in our garden, and we have a lot of them, but they are still green and we are waiting for red ones. So this is fun, to have them be ready."

So why do you participate in Market Shares?
J: "Why don’t you go for it, you signed us up."
A: "Well, I would say there are a couple of reasons. Number one would be that..."
J: "... you get a variety of vegetables. So it forces us to go outside the box."
A: "I would say that is number two. Number two is definitely that you end up with things you wouldn’t normally buy and it pushes your boundaries a little but. Number one is that I like eating things that are not shipped from Argentina."
J: "It wouldnt be shipped from Argentina this time of year. Maybe Mexico. Or California. But yes. And supporting local farmers."
A: "Well, I don’t really care about that."
J: "I do!"

What are you most excited about in this week’s share?
"I’m really excited about the squashes and the corn. I love the greens but, this? This is exciting."

What are you most excited about in this week’s share?

Do you know what you are going to make with them?
"We were just having this talk! Honestly, I eat tomatoes like I eat apples. So I might just eat them."
"I will probably find some mozzarella and pesto and do that."

If you could be any fruit or vegetable, which would you be?
"I'd want to be a watermelon because everybody loves watermelon but it's only available during the summer so it is really special. Or, it's best during the summer."

Humans of Market Shares (HOMS) is a new project that attempts to showcase the vibrant community built around Market Shares. Sometimes it's easy to arrive on Thursday, pack your share, and leave without much more interaction (we know you're eager to get home and munch on your veggies). The maybe ten minutes that process takes doesn't come close to representing the full BMSP experience. Brown Market Shares Program is a collaboration between so many different kinds of people - Brown undergrads, grad students, faculty, and staff from all over the world in Providence who do so many cool things. With this in mind, and inspired by Humans of New York, HOMS will continually spotlight shareholders, volunteers, coordinators, and farmers as a means to share the pride we have for our community. Take a look at HOMS and learn more about your fellow BMSP-ers!

P h o t o g r a p h e d  b y  M a d d y  R o t m a n


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