Humans of Market Shares, July 17th

Why do you do Market Shares?
"Because of the community. Many of the coordinators are students of mine and I like them. I like the idea that I am buying food that has a lower footprint. I like the idea that I am buying locally and in season. I do think 100% it tastes better. All of it tastes better. I like that I share it with my family, who are a bunch of old farts and it is liberating for them when they realize it’s a lot better. and it is fun for them when I come home with a bag of fun groceries."

If you could be any fruit or vegetable, which would you be?
"Carrots because they go well with a lot of things.
You can cook them many different ways and I really like them."

What's your favorite thing that you have made?
"With the zucchini I made with honey and olive oil last week. Also, I found this recipe with root vegetables. You soak them in water so they get soft and a little chicken broth. And then at the end you add a little sugar so it caramelizes it."

Why do you do Market Shares?
"It’s a lot of fresh food, which is really exciting. It’s a lot of foods I’ve never tried before, which is a challenge but always fun to see what you can come up with. It’s local, which is a plus.
It’s affordable. All good reasons."

What is your favorite thing you've gotten in your share?
"Swiss chard and kohlrabi. We put them on the grill last night and it was so good!"

If you could be any fruit or vegetable, which would you be?
"An avocado, because you have to get me on the right day."

Humans of Market Shares (HOMS) is a new project that attempts to showcase the vibrant community built around Market Shares. Sometimes it's easy to arrive on Thursday, pack your share, and leave without much more interaction (we know you're eager to get home and munch on your veggies). The maybe ten minutes that process takes doesn't come close to representing the full BMSP experience. Brown Market Shares Program is a collaboration between so many different kinds of people - Brown undergrads, grad students, faculty, and staff from all over the world in Providence who do so many cool things. With this in mind, and inspired by Humans of New York, HOMS will continually spotlight shareholders, volunteers, coordinators, and farmers as a means to share the pride we have for our community. Take a look at HOMS and learn more about your fellow BMSP-ers!

P h o t o g r a p h e d   b y   M a d d y   R o t m a n


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