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Clara's Kitchen

Check out these two amazing recipes that shareholder Annalisse Daly made with her daughter Clara (the toddler many of you have admired at Market Day the past few seasons). Annalisse also shared two of her own great cooking tricks!

We hope you'll all be inspired by the beauty, deliciousness, adorableness, and handy tips that follow, and continue to send us your favorite recipes and photos of the dishes you make with your share at

Thank you so much Annalisse! Read what she has to say about each of the recipes below.

"I really truly did try to get a picture of just the food, but my chef-in-training decided she couldn't wait to taste test the results. All the other pictures have a suspicious-looking dimpled hand slyly pulling the pie plate off the table.

This recipe uses the last of the market share potatoes and green onions from a couple weeks ago and the yellow summer squash from last week."

Sweet Chili Marinated Cucumber Salad

"Here's another recipe that we've done using Market Shares ingredients. Okay, I cheated a little. The cucumbers were from my friend's garden surplus, but the onions really were from Market Shares and we'll have cucumbers this week! The original recipe is here.

The above picture is what my assembled salad looks like. Clara did grab a handful right after the picture was taken. *eye roll*

The picture below shows the way that I add a little frill to my cucumber slices. I score them first, before cutting, with the tines of a fork for a dressed-up look. The picture shows one cucumber scored in this way and the other still fresh from the garden."

"We do like eating this alone and served over mild greens like romaine or spinach for a punchy, flavorful salad. But we are really not fans of arugula, so I can't recommend using that as the base of a salad (although it was thus far the least offensive way that I have ever eaten arugula). My mother-in-law, who now loves this recipe, also likes to reuse the marinade for additional batches of cucumbers. She says that after 3-4 batches the marinade becomes a whole lot less potent, so she throws it out or uses it as the base for another zesty dressing of some sort.

I keep a cheap spray bottle from Walmart in the door of my fridge to fill with lemon juice. When I want to add a hint of lemon flavor, gently coat apples to prevent browning, or to add 'a spritz of lemon juice', as in this recipe, I pull out that spray bottle to do the job. I've been doing this since for the last six years and it has worked quite well for me."

Annalisse and Clara


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