Coordinator Reflections: Lemme See Your Grill(z)

Perhaps nothing says summer more than trying to get my relatively unstable charcoal grill to catch fire. Stability and safety aside, I absolutely love grilling. I grill pretty much all things and would never discriminate based on food group - meats, veggies, fruits, breads, and cheeses all have a spot on my grill. This weekend I’ll be hanging out with my grill (and hopefully some friends) figuring out creative ways to grill this week's share.

First, I'll start by mixing olive oil, vinegar, thyme, and honey in a small bowl. Next I'll chop the tops off the sugar snap peas and snow peas from Freedom Food Farm and toss them in the mix with some salt and pepper. Then the fun part. Turn on the grill and massage the Red Russian kale with some olive oil and throw it on the grill once its hot! Keep the stems on because it will be easier to manage and you can remove them once it's done if you like. Flip it just once, after it is crispy and charred, about two minutes.

Once the kale is off the grill and cool, I'll rip it into smaller pieces and top with the sugar snap pea and snow pea mix. If you are feeling adventurous this whole dish is amazing over a 'schmear' of ricotta. And you can always add thinly sliced cucumber to the cold salad.
A previous BMSP coordinator used to call this a Hot-N-Cold salad and that is still what I call it today (Hey Leah!).

Make sure you have your summer shady/mojito/ice tea of choice in hand, as grilling is a hot adventure, and you will absolutely want something refreshing. Please share your grill successes and failures with the BMSP community - we want to know what's tasty when it's charred!

Taylor Lanzet
Program Development Coordinator


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