Some Tips for Storing Your Share

During the first week of the summer share, I will admit; I let my radishes go soft and squishy. Then I realized “I need to take care of my veggies!” Each week, we receive a plethora of fresh vegetables, which will inevitably have a shorter lifespan than canned or frozen veggies, so we should store our shares correctly in order to get the most time and best tastes out of the share.

Some common mistakes:
  • Make sure you are cutting the greens off of your carrots, beets, turnips, etc. The greens will suck the nutrients out of the root vegetable and they will wilt faster. 
  • Take off the rubber bands that keep your produce together. Let your veggies breathe!
Be sure to look out for the little signs on the veggie boxes during each week’s pickup that remind you how to best store each item. But, if you ever forget, feel free to look at this infographic we posted a while back.

If you have a bread share, you’ll want to seal your bread in a paper or plastic bag in order to keep it fresh, if it makes it past Thursday. If you’re feeling fancy Food52 sells these snazzy bread bags/wraps:
Linen Bread Bags

Bee's Baguette Wrap

Happy eating!
Maddy Rotman
Program Development Intern


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