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We received an awesome idea from shareholder Patricia Falcon for a quick, easy Carrot Mushroom Soup with Rice recipe she invented. You can make it in an office kitchen, and it uses the mixed carrots we've been receiving from Four Town Farm the past few weeks. Thank you so much for sending this to us, Patricia - it looks great! We hope that you and anyone else reading this will continue to share your BMSP-inspired culinary adventures with us.

Here is the description Pat sent us, along with a photo of her creation!

Just wanted to share a very simple and quick dish (I wouldn't even call it a recipe) that I whipped up for lunch today at work (with minimal kitchen).

I'd packed about a third of a cup of leftover brown rice (which had been seasoned with a bit of olive oil and tamari) and a couple of carrots from yesterday's Market Day pick-up. I wasn't sure what I might do with them but felt like a bit of soup. I grabbed my handy bowl (stashed in an overhead bin), added a couple of teaspoons of powdered mushroom broth I keep in a jar next to the bowl (I like Osem's and get it from Amazon since it's almost impossible to find in stores around Providence) and then about a cup and a half of near boiling water.

After it was dissolved, I stirred in the rice. While the rice and broth were getting to know each other a little better, I scrubbed and thin sliced the two carrots (one yellow, the other orange). I steamed them in the microwave in small batches (a single layer on a paper plate covered with a damp paper towel), then stirred them into the bowl. Voila! -- instant soup that didn't come out of a can or packet.

Above is the result, which was delicious and filling.

Pat Falcon


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