Introducing the new BMSP Coordinating Team!

As you may already know, Market Shares recently hired some new coordinators, who will officially begin work next semester. We’re excited to announce next semester’s coordinating team, which consists of five new and two returning team members. To formally introduce them to the community, we asked them each a few key questions. What vegetable would they be and why? What food institutions in Providence do they love? Laughs were had, stories were swapped, and the results are aggregated here for your enjoyment.

Carlie Peters – Operations Coordinator

Year: 2016
Concentration: Environmental Studies
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Veggie Identity: Eggplant, because it’s comforting and versatile.

Hobbies: ceramics, spending time with her dog, cooking

Exciting Project: Carlie enjoyed the work she did in Brown Unplugged for Eco-Reps. She also enjoyed compiling a report on the Veggie Box program for a class.

Additional Information: Carlie is very involved on campus - in addition to BMSP, she's an Area Eco-Rep, a Design Editor for the BDH, and Communications Director for Green Events at Brown.

Recommended Food Institution in Providence: Gracie’s, Farm Fresh Rhode Island

Estelle Berger – Subsidized Coordinator 

Year: 2016
Concentration: Urban Studies
Hometown: Portland, OR

Veggie Identity: Delicata squash, because it’s warm and autumnal and it has an exotic name. It’s delicious as a soup, roasted with cinnamon (or cayenne pepper), on top of a pizza, in an omelette…the list goes on. And in the end, regardless of its environment, it’s still just a squash, and it remains true to that.

Hobbies: Estelle spends a lot of time outside i.e. hiking, wandering, cycling, etc. She also likes science fiction novels and narrative radio shows.

Exciting Project: Estelle finds Moving Mountains to be an exciting new initiative. Moving Mountains is a student-run organization that offers after-school programs and wilderness outings to Providence high school students with a focus on wilderness preparedness, environmental stewardship, and leadership skills.

Recommended Food Institution in Providence: Three Sisters for their Dirty Garden Mint ice cream

Maddy Rotman – Communications Coordinator 

Year: 2016
Concentration: Anthropology
From: Malibu, California

Veggie Identity: Eggplant – it’s good individually, and it’s good in a group! 

Hobbies: touring coffee shops and restaurants around Providence

Exciting Project: Maddy enjoyed co-authoring a value-added cookbook for a class project.

Additional Information: Maddy is particularly excited about the solution-oriented nature of Market Shares. She loves that the program is well known in the community and has a wide reach, putting it in a good position to make real change.

Recommended Food Institution in Providence: Ken’s Ramen

Taylor Schwartz – Public Relations Coordinator

Year: 2016
Concentration: Environmental Science
Hometown: Leawood, Kansas

Veggie Identity: “My answer changes every time I'm asked this question, and because of that, I'm prompted to say rhubarb as it's perhaps the most indecisive vegetable.”

Hobbies and Interests: Graphic design, biking, cooking, sitting in coffee shops for extensive periods of time.

Exciting Projects: Taylor is obsessed with food packaging and branding, so he enjoyed having the opportunity to design a product for the African Alliance of Rhode Island as a final project for Urban Agriculture. After designing the packaging, he performed market research, looked into food retail licensing, and created a final product that impressed both the team and the president of the AARI.

Recommended Food Institution in Providence: AS220 FOO(D)

Wesley Herts – Finance Coordinator 

Year: 2015
Concentration: Computer Science
From: Cleveland, Ohio

Veggie Identity: Wes identifies with an onion, because it’s versatile. But he also really admires the Brussels sprout’s perseverance.

Hobbies: backpacking, rock-climbing, and crosswords

Exciting Project: Wes enjoyed a final project in which he purposed a new design for the community garden outside the Urban Environmental Lab; the design would maximize plot space and quality.

Additional Information: Wes has experience working in two different restaurants, both of which were centered on promoting local food. This enhanced his appreciation for the culinary arts and for communities built around local food and related values.

Recommended Food Institution in Providence: North

Blain Anderson – Purchasing Coordinator

Year: 2016
Concentrations: Biology and Economics
From: Pylesville, Maryland

Veggie Identity: Sweet potato. While at first glance they may seem like your dull, ordinary potato, they are actually quite unique and vibrant on the inside—full of sweet, rich delightfulness. They are also dependable, always there with you through the cold winter months.

Hobbies: Dirt-biking, hiking, hunting

Exciting Project: Blain is excited about the work he’s doing in the Healthy Food Access TRI-Lab this year.

Additional Information: Blain’s farming experience started in 7th grade, when he was a farmhand over the summer. Over time, he took more of a leadership role in the farm, and now he has experience managing multiple aspects of the farm, including its CSA and employee scheduling and training.

Recommended Food Institution in Providence: Pawtucket Farmers’ Market

Jenna Anders – Program Development Coordinator

Year: 2016
Concentrations: Economics and Environmental Studies
From: Arlington, Virginia

Veggie Identity: Broccoli – edible and substantial raw, but best cooked, when its hidden potential is revealed. Also, broccoli florets are actually numerous tiny closed flowers.

Hobbies: hiking, knitting, cooking, and baking, especially when the baked goods incorporate coffee somehow

Exciting Project: Jenna enjoyed writing a term paper about the origins of the Farm Bill for a history class last semester.

Additional Information: Jenna likes a podcast called The Splendid Table, and she considers its host, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, to be one of her role models. She is also on a lifelong mission to bake every recipe in the Washington Post Annual Holiday Cookie Guide every year.

Recommended Food Institution in Providence: Seven Stars Bakery


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