Humans of Market Shares, October 16th


Why do you guys volunteer for Market Shares?
"Because I think sustainability is really important and Market Shares brings good quality produce to Brown students for affordable prices." - Hannah

What is your favorite thing you have made?
"I used the Angelito Herb and Garlic spread with boiled beets, arugula and tomatoes to make little sandwiches." - Victoria

What is your favorite thing you have made with your market share?
"Ratatouille!" - Austin

Why do you participate in Market Shares?
"To support local farmers and because it is the best food. Also, it forces me to eat seasonally. If you go to the grocery store and buy groceries you might not be sure what vegetables are in season, but this way you get the vegetables first and then buy the rest of your groceries second." - Cat

What fruit or vegetable do you identify most with? 
"Purple cabbage; it has a lot of nutritional and healing properties and its also really beautiful." - Tara

Humans of Market Shares (HOMS) is a project that attempts to showcase the vibrant community built around Market Shares. Sometimes it's easy to arrive on Thursday, pack your share, and leave without much more interaction (we know you're eager to get home and munch on your veggies). The maybe ten minutes that process takes doesn't come close to representing the full BMSP experience. Brown Market Shares Program is a collaboration between so many different kinds of people - Brown undergrads, grad students, faculty, and staff from all over the world in Providence who do so many cool things. With this in mind, and inspired by Humans of New York, HOMS will continually spotlight shareholders, volunteers, coordinators, and farmers as a means to share the pride we have for our community. Take a look at HOMS and learn more about your fellow BMSP-ers!

P h o t o g r a p h e d  b y  M a d d y  R o t m a n


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