Summer Week 7: Recipes

Ricotta Pizza with Peaches

Uses: Peaches, basil
You will also need: ricotta, balsamic, olive oil, pizza dough
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Peach Salad

Uses: peaches, onion (use yellow in place of red)
You will also need: mint, feta
Time: 5 minutes
Description: a savory summer dish.
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Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, & Feta

Uses: cherry tomatoes, basil
You will also need: spaghetti (or other pasta or choice), feta, olive oil
Time: 15 minutes
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Summer Peach & Corn Salad

Uses: Peaches, corn, salad greens
You will also need: balsamic, olive oil, maple syrup, sliced almonds, cheese (recipe calls for goat cheese but you can substitute your own or omit the cheese altogether)
Time: 5-10 minutes
Description: This salad showcases corn and peaches as an unexpected but delicious combination.
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Raw Peach Tart (Gluten-free & Vegan)

Uses: peaches
You will also need: dates, pecans, honey or maple syrup (or sweetener of choice), hemp seeds, homemade coconut whipped cream (coconut milk, vanilla, sweetener of choice)
Time: 20 minutes
Description: While raw food has a lot to offer, this recipe does not have to stay completely raw to be enjoyed. If you don't have raw pecans, substitute any unsalted nuts that you have at home. If you don't have coconut milk, try it with your own whipped cream or ice cream.
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Tomato Salad with Green Beans, Corn and Bulgur

Uses: cherry tomatoes, corn, basil, green beans, onion
You will also need: cucumber, sugar, cider vinegar, olive oil, bulgur (or substitute any other grain- rice, quinoa, etc)
Time: 20 minutes
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Sesame Crusted Tofu & Green Beans

Uses: green beans
You will also need: tofu, sesame seeds, flax seeds, soy sauce, garlic, maple syrup (or other sweetener), rice vinegar, ginger, tahini
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Green Beans with Pesto

Uses: green beans, basil
You will also need: olive oil, for the pesto: pine nuts, parmesan, garlic, olive oil
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Quick Skillet Garlic Green Beans

Uses: green beans
You will also need: garlic, olive oil, salt, optional: chili flakes
Time: 10-15 minutes
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Grilled Corn & Peach Salsa

Uses: corn, peaches, tomatoes, onion
You will also need: parsley, cilantro, lime
Description: "The marriage of grilled corn and perfectly ripe peaches yields an amazing combination of flavors... This summer salsa is fantastic with grilled flank steak or chicken. "
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Crispy Cabbage Wontons (Vegan)

Uses: cabbage, corn, tomatoes
You will also need: sun-dried tomatoes, green onions, garlic, olives, soy sauce, cayenne or red pepper flakes, wonton wrappers, sesame oil, rice vinegar
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Herb-Roasted Carrots and Pesto Tartines

Uses: carrots, basil
You will also need: dill, parsley, ghee (or oil), bread, pesto (basil, pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan, salt)
Time: 1 hour
Alternative: If you have other plans for your basil, try ricotta in place of pesto.
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Green Bean & Carrot Toss with Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, & Onion
Uses: green beans, carrots, tomatoes, corn, onion
You will also need: olive oil, cider vinegar
Time: 15 minutes
Description: "In the summer, it seems like you can throw just about any of the box ingredients together, toss in a little EVOO and vinegar and...ta-da! A salad."
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Vegetable Soup with Barley and Basil
Uses: carrots, basil, onion, green beans, corn
You will also need: zucchini, celery, potato, pepper, peas, olive oil, bay leaf, barley, optional: bouillon cubes
Description: "A clear broth is infused with many vegetables, fortified with whole grains and finished with fresh basil. It's what my body craves after too much feasting on heavier fare. Sometimes all we need is soup and solitude."
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