Lettuce Overload? Lett-uce Help...

One of the most common comments on our mid-season survey was that folks are swimming in salad greens. And while this week’s share does seem to call forth a rather delicious salad (romaine, peaches, tomatoes and caramelized onions, oh my!), lettuce can be used for so much more! Check out these recipe ideas below:

Stir Fry it! The New York Times writes: “Stir-frying is a great way to use up your overabundance of lettuce. This recipe calls for romaine, but you can try it with whatever you have on hand... In China, where lettuce symbolizes prosperity and wealth, a simpler dish made with the lettuce only is served at New Year’s.” Check out the recipe they provide which pairs lettuce with tofu, ginger, garlic and chili.

Grill it! Food writer Elizabeth Karmel writes that grilled lettuce is so popular “it’s on restaurant menus all over the place, a sure sign that Americans have embraced the idea that a salad can be grilled.” She writes that the texture becomes crispy on the outside, and silky on the inside. She provides this recipe, which pairs grilled romaine with blue cheese dressing.

Sauté it! Sauté in olive oil or butter until leaves are wilted and tender, turning the heat up at the very end to cook off excess moisture. This cooking blog recommends finishing the sauté off with heavy cream, salt and pepper.

Braise it! This recipe calls for shallots, broth, thyme, sugar, peas and lemon zest. Heat together and simmer until tender (just 10 minutes!), serving immediately.

Put it in a soup! This recipe from Brooklyn Farm Girl utilizes 1 head of lettuce, as well as garlic, broth, cream and some spices to create a soup that the author says “turns your frown upside down.”

Put it in a tart! A little more involved, this recipe combines braised lettuce with zucchini and tapenade.


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