Spotlight: Garlic Scapes

While garlic cloves are growing below ground, scapes are the curly, bright green part of the garlic plant that grows above ground. An early summer treat, scapes taste like cloves of garlic, and you can use them just as you would use regular garlic. In the words of a Huffington post food journalist: “cooking with garlic scapes is like getting to have scallions that taste like garlic.” (source)

Garlic scapes keep well in the refrigerator, but taste best fresh.

Some farmers advise removing the stalk tip above the flower pod before cooking with the scapes, as they are tougher and spicier. Scapes get tough if they are overcooked, so be sure to check on them as you are cooking. (source)

Cooking Methods, from The Garlic Farm:
Use garlic scapes just as you would scallions, asparagus or garlic.
  • Cut scapes into 2-inch lengths and sauté in olive oil or butter over medium
heat, adding salt and pepper to taste
  • Add scapes to your favorite stir-fry dishes
  • Chop the garlic scapes into little disks--as you would scallions--and add them raw to salads
  • Steam scape pieces and dress them with a bit of lemon juice”

Recipes to try
Garlic Scape and Zucchini Pizza from A Though For Food
Potatoes with Garlic Scapes from Martha Stewart
Garlic Scape Mashed Potatoes from The Roving Locavore


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