Spotlight: Fennel

Known for its faint licorice flavor, the fennel bulb is similar to celery in texture and appearance. The greens resemble dill, and also taste like anise and can be used as seasoning like any other herb. Fennel bulb is featured in Italian and Scandinavian cuisines. It is versatile and can be enjoyed raw, grilled, baked, braised or sautéed. [source]

Store fennel loosely wrapped in a plastic or paper bag in the fridge. Like lettuce and celery, fennel's high water content makes it prone to freezing in overly-cold fridges. Fresh fennel will keep up to 10 days. [source]

Cut off and discard stalks, unless the dish calls for them. Trim the bottom of the bulb and peel off any wilted or browning layers from the outside of the bulb. Cut the bulb in half, lay the halves are their flat, cut sides and quarter, slice, or chop as you like. [source]

EDIT 10/14/14: Check out these photos by the Kitchn on how to cut your fennel bulbs.

Serving tips:
Flavor Friends (Selections from The Flavor Bible):
  • almonds
  • apples
  • bay leaf
  • beets
  • CHEESE (especially parmesan)
  • chicken
  • FISH (especially grilled salmon, sea bass, and snapper) & shellfish
  • garlic
  • oil: canola, olive
  • olives
  • parsley
  • pernod
  • potatoes
  • salads
  • soups (especially vegetable)
  • stocks
  • thyme
  • tomatoes & tomato sauce


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