A guide to some new veggies in this week's share

Celeriac is scary looking, we get it. But it's also really delicious- and once you get past that hairy exterior, we think you're really going to like it. So here's this week's guide to working with some of the perhaps less familiar items in your share.

Superfood: Cabbage
"Cabbage isn’t the most glamorous offering in the produce aisle, but this humble vegetable hides a wealth of important nutrients and disease-fighting superpowers. Studies show cabbage can help prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and heal ulcers."

How to peel it!
Celeriac is a root vegetable that can be used similarly to a potato. A commenter on this recipe for a crispy potato roast suggested adding slices of celeriac and rutabaga to the mix! Sounds like a lovely way to combine many of this week's vegetables and bring some warmth to your kitchen while you're at it.

What are you planning to do with ingredients from this week's share? Let us know in the comments section, and feel free to link recipes!


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