"Mouthwatering" Winter Greens

I don't know about you guys, but our mouths have been watering over these greens from Steve Hancock, of NorthStar Farm, since the first week.

(photo of mixed salad greens and kale from NorthStar Farm, 2/21/13)

At NorthStar, they wait until the morning to harvest, wash, dry, and portion his greens so they arrive immaculate and as fresh as can be, packed with all of the amazing nutrients that are highest when fresh. They are the perfect size, come perfectly cut, perfectly mixed, and are grown 100% chemical-free. They rival the phenomenal, high-quality asian greens, collards, kale, and lettuce we are lucky to receive from Skip & Liz, of Wishing Stone Farm, as well as the delicious greens from Chuck, of Freedom Food Farm.

Trying to prepare 280 shares in one morning has proved to be a challenge, as we have been unable to keep our commitment to begin Market Day at 12pm. But we couldn't ask for better shareholders. You have all been extremely understanding amid this adjustment period (and hey, they're totally worth waiting for, even though we acknowledge that this, unfortunately, isn't an option for some people).

We are going to continue working on how we can fulfill our commitment to our shareholders to connect the Brown community with sustainable, local, fresh produce, meat, dairy, and bread, while also adhering to a promised distribution time.

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